10 Most Cringe-Worthy Quotes In My Hero Academia

my hero academia is an anime with great comedy and a well-written story. The story takes advantage of its diverse cast and unlimited oddities, delivering witty lines and humorous scenes that can only be possible in the world of superheroes. Like many other stories, not all jokes landed.

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Some quotes from my hero academia crashed and burned on arrival, making characters look a little too unintelligent, making them look too crude, or just not being delivered to the right place or time. While these lines might not seem so bad on a fan’s first viewing, they seem all the more cringe-worthy compared to the good humor seen throughout. my hero academia.

The following contains major spoilers for my hero academia Chapter 366, “Full Moon” by Horikoshi Kohei, available in English from Viz Media.

ten “I am…extremely evil!”

Tenya Ida

During the Class 1-A Combat Trials, the students were split into pairs and pitted against each other. One team would act as the villains, while the other would be the heroes. Tenya Ida and Katsuki Bakugo were given the villain role and tasked with guarding a fake warhead against Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka.

Ida immersed herself a little too much in her role, concluding that becoming the personification of villainy would help her win the case. It didn’t work, and Uraraka couldn’t take it seriously.

9 “I had a bowel movement this morning, so these things are going to stay all day.”

Minoru Mineta

When the League of Villains attacked the unplanned Simulation Joint, the students were split into small groups to battle the villains. Mineta, Tsuyu, and Midoriya were grouped together in the flooded area. Together, they combined their quirks to make the bad guys in the area stick together.

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After their battle was over, Mineta made a disgusting comment about her recent bathroom experience. He could have said his quirk was more powerful because he was healthy, but Mineta has no filter.

8 “You will live up to what I created you for!”


Endeavor made it clear early on that he wanted Shoto to do what he couldn’t. With combined Fire and Ice Quirks, Shoto didn’t have the downsides of Endeavor’s Quirk. Endeavor’s strict training and constant reminders that he only created Shoto to surpass All Might have made Endeavor one of the most detestable characters in my hero academia.

Although Endeavor does its best to redeem itself later, lines like these are peppered throughout the beginning of my hero academia. The stubborn obsession with Endeavor was not a good look for him.

seven “I have to do this… This guy is mine!”

Tenya Ida

Ida’s rage towards Stain was understandable. Stain severely injured his older brother, preventing him from doing hero work again. Ida wanted revenge and was so blinded by this desire that he ignored a hero in peril.

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When Ida confronted the villain, Stain used his quirk to incapacitate him. Deku and Shoto had to intervene to stop him from killing Ida. Instead of being grateful, Ida was furious that they had intervened. Although he was on the ground and helpless, he claimed he called out the bad guy.

6 “A beaten Izuku… I want to see him again…”

Himiko robe

Himiko Toga had the most concerning crush on Deku. While she was usually attracted to cute people, she immediately fell in love with Deku because he was badly hurt. Due to her quirk requiring her to ingest blood to take on someone’s appearance, she was obsessed with blood. Transforming into another person made him feel closer to them.

Toga would attack Deku at every encounter hoping to see his blood. Although Toga is cute, the things she says are scary and would be even scarier if they came from a real person.

5 “It’s hot! It’s free!”

Takoyaki stall owner

Mt. Lady is the type of hero who shamelessly aspires to fame and money. Although her gigantification quirk is better suited to the campaign, she would prefer to be seen by many people. As a result, her headquarters are charged thousands of dollars for all the damage she causes all the time. She saves money any way she can, using her looks to get things for free.

When Mt. Lady goes to the UA Sports Festival, she claims she doesn’t have the money to pay for the takoyaki, leading the vendor to eagerly respond that they’re free in the weirdest way possible. The interaction disgusted both the audience and Kamui Woods.

4 “If Sero hadn’t saved me, it would be me on this ride right now!”

Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta is one of the most reviled characters in my hero academia because of the constant stream of perversion coming out of his mouth. While fighting Midnight alongside Sero, Sero passed out after being exposed to Midnight’s quirk.

Midnight placed Sero’s head on her lap and waited near the exit, confident that Mineta wouldn’t pass her. Mineta was furious with jealousy even though Sero saved him. He outwardly wished he could switch places with Sero, showing his superficial nature.

3 “If I’m worried about my arms, I’ll use my legs!”


After taking a lot of damage to his arms and hands from repeatedly smashing with One For All, Deku realized that using his arms so carelessly would no longer be a viable strategy. After seeing Mei Hatsume’s inventions and talking to Ida, Deku was struck by the idea of ​​using his legs to fight instead. This led Deku to develop his Shoot Style.

Fans were less than impressed as they found out about this alternate age before the reveal. With fans joking that Deku’s legs wouldn’t last long either, this revelation didn’t go down well.

2 “They may be fools, but they’re not stupid”

Shoto Todoroki

This line is equal to “people die if they are killed” from Spell series. When the students of Class 1-A discuss the League of Villains’ first attack, they note that the infiltration was executed perfectly. They caught teachers and students off guard, raising no alarms. If not for Ida’s quirk, the outside heroes wouldn’t have known something was wrong.

Shoto said that while the villains were fools for attacking them, they weren’t at least dumb enough to burst in through the front door. However, the wording of his sentence seems terrible and contradictory both in and out of context.

1 “Full Moon…Risin’ Tonight!”


The current battle between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front is extremely difficult. Bakugo has taken severe damage from Tomura Shigaraki, and morale is at an all-time low. Shigaraki seems virtually unstoppable, and the heroes are desperate to buy the time Deku badly needs to arrive.

Lemillion uses a powerful move he used to make Sir Nighteye laugh. He moons Shigaraki, making the villain laugh. It’ll be a weird addition to the history books, and what’s even weirder is that showing Nighteye his butt helped Lemillion get his internship.

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