10 funniest quotes from The Simpsons movie

Almost twenty years after the broadcast of the first episode, The simpsons released their first (and so far only) feature film. The Simpsons movie sees the catastrophic consequences of Springfield after Homer disregards environmental warnings out of laziness and selfishness.

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Faithful to the episodes that preceded and preceded it, The Simpsons movie is full of moments of laughter and hilarious quotes that have become as memorable as some of the lines that have come out of the show’s best episodes. From classic character breakout moments to great new character introductions, here are the funniest lines from the movie featuring everyone’s favorite Springfield family.


Homer fools the EPA

“There’s something weird about that ‘Sop’ sign.”

EPA agents pull up to Homer's control panel in The Simpsons movie

Homer has never been the most brilliant character in The simpsons, yet other characters turn out to be just as stupid, if not more so. In an attempt to re-enter the Springfield Dome to save his family, Homer plants an extremely poorly designed “Stop” sign to hold off EPA agents.

It’s so wrong and “Stop” is misspelled, but miraculously it works due to the incompetence of the EPA agents who imprisoned Marge and the children. The EPA comments on how weird the “sop sign” is, and the moment is even more ridiculously funny when the other officer irritably replies “Look, we can’t keep stopping for every ‘sop”https:/ /screenrant.com/funniest-simpsons-movie-quotes/,”yeld” or “one vay” sign!”

Agnes Skinner Censorship

“Don’t look where I’m pointing!”

Bart rides a skateboard in The Simpsons movie

One of the most memorable and funniest scenes in The Simpsons movie it’s when Bart skateboards through Springfield to Krusty Burger completely naked. What makes the scene so brilliant is how Bart’s private parts are censored in time with everything going on around him (except for a moment with a hole in the bush.)

One of the best, but also funniest and most egregious uses, is when fan-favorite Agnes Skinner yells “Don’t look where I’m pointing!”, with her pointing finger perfectly censoring Bart as he patina. It’s hilarious, brilliantly timed and done in classic The Simpsons fashion.

Flanders says Grace in Krusty Burger

“Abundant P****. Amen.”

Bart slams into Krusty Burger's window, with Flanders watching in horror in The Simpsons Movie

Bart’s naked skateboarding challenge ends in disaster as his skateboard catches the sidewalk and sends Bart flying into the window of the Krusty Burger, where Ned Flanders and his sons are having a meal.

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Flanders says Grace is interrupted when Bart crashes into the window. “Thank You, Lord, for this abundance – P****!” It’s already pretty funny but it’s even better when Rodd and Todd, oblivious to what’s happened, repeat their father in perfect angelic unison “Bountiful p****” with Todd adding an “Amen” . It’s the perfect ending to one of the funniest moments in the movie.

Russ Cargill goes crazy with the power

“Have you ever tried to go crazy without electricity? It’s boring! No one is listening to you!”

Russ Cargill and an EPA employee in The Simpsons Movie

Interestingly, the villain of The Simpsons movie is an original character. Russ Cargill, voiced by a regular The Simpsons guest star Albert Brooks, is the head of the EPA and the evil mastermind behind putting Springfield under a glass dome for the toxicity of the lake, then ultimately trying to destroy it.

Arguably Cargill’s most memorable scene is when a worried EPA agent tells him he’s gone power mad. Instead of lashing out, Cargill wholeheartedly agrees with him, saying “have you ever gone crazy without power? This is boring. No one is listening to you!” It’s a fun twist on a well-known villain trope while making a sadly true point.

President Schwarzenegger

“I was elected to lead. Not to read.”

President Schwarzenegger in The Simpsons movie

An unexpected surprise from The Simpsons movie made Arnold Schwarzenegger the President of the United States. Sounding exactly like Rainier Wolfcastle, the The Simpsons character who is essentially a parody of him, Schwarzenegger is an enjoyable character to watch.

When Cargill first approaches Schwarzenegger about Springfield’s environmental problem, the president selects option 3 without even looking at her, saying “I was elected to lead, not to read.” Unfortunately, he chooses too late to try and read the next phases of Cargill’s plan, but by this point Cargill is determined to destroy Springfield and easily manipulates Schwarzenegger into choosing Plan 4, which is to blow up Springfield.

Mr. Burns thinks about giving electricity

“Lives…lost. Carry on.”

Mr Burns and Smithers in The Simpsons movie

Given the story’s environmental themes and his status as a villain, Mr. Burns surprisingly received little screen time in The Simpsons movie. But his one key scene in the film is definitely funny and spotlights the classic evil millionaire fans know and love.

Dr. Hibbert, Chief Wiggum, and Apu came to Burns to plead for power for the town. Hibbert begins with why the hospital needs electricity because lives will be lost. That should be enough to convince anyone, but Mr. Burns has such a cold and hilarious heart that he just writes it down and asks for more reasons.

Chief Wiggum’s Stupidity

“I thought about that too until he said ‘Yard Trimmings’. You gotta learn to listen, Lou.”

Fat Tony and his mob convince Chief Wiggum of garden cuts in The Simpsons movie

Chief Wiggum is notorious for his incompetence as a police chief and it’s no different in the movie. In fact, one of Wiggum’s most egregious and funniest moments of stupidity is in The Simpsons movie.

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Fat Tony and his mob are about to throw what is clearly a body bag into the lake until Chief Wiggum stops him. Instead, Fat Tony shrugs and says he’ll put his “garden trimmings” in a car compactor. Officer Lou expresses concern that it’s a dead body, but Chief Wiggum responds with the quote above. It’s a mystery that Wiggum is even a policeman.

Cletus tries to overcome the new wall

“I can’t. I just can’t.”

Mayor Quimby and Cletus in The Simpsons Movie

To prevent further spills into Lake Springfield, a wall is built around it. After the lake is cleared and the wall is complete, Mayor Quimby summons Cletus to show the inspectors how completely “idiot-proof” the wall is.

He asks the hick to throw something in the lake. Possum dead by hand, Cletus runs into the wall several times before sadly giving up and declaring “I can’t. I just can’t.” It really shows how stupid Cletus is and how lazy Mayor Quimby is to make sure his town is safe and secure.

Martin finally defends himself

“I’ve been taking your shit my whole life! It feels good! No wonder you do.”

Martin defeats his attackers in the movie The Simpsons

Martin Prince is a well-known nerd and a goody-two-shoe in Bart’s class, and thus, he is a frequent target for bullies at school. However, the roles are surprisingly reversed in what was believed to be Springfield’s last moments of life.

Fearless, Martin walks up to the school bullies and angrily declares “I’ve been taking your shit all my life!” before picking up a piece of wood and hitting them hard with it. It’s a time of escape for the nerd of The simpsons franchise as a whole and, therefore, is one of Martin Princes best quotes.

A new Simpsons icon

“Spider pig, spider pig, does everything a spider pig does. Can it spin from a web? No it can’t, it’s a pig. Watch out, here comes the spider pig.”

Homer and Spider-Pig in The Simpsons Movie

One of the film’s most iconic features is the pig that Homer adopts to save him from slaughter. Although the pig is the catalyst for the disasters that unfold in the film, its most memorable and beloved moment becomes “Spider Pig”.

As Marge talks to Lisa, she suddenly sees muddy pig hoof prints on the ceiling. The reason for this is quickly revealed with Homer walking the pig overhead, singing the now-legendary theme to the tune of Spider-Man’s theme. It’s one of the biggest moments in the movie and it’s now an integral part of the The Simpsons franchise.

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