10 Funniest Quotes From Season 4 Vol. 2

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2!

After a very long wait (not so long, but still) volume 2 of the last season of stranger things is here, and fans couldn’t be more excited to finally find out which characters are dying this season. Volume 2 is packed with epic battles, anxiety-inducing moments, and heartbreaking, inconsolable scenes.

However, amidst all this tense footage, the Duffer Brothers still have time to include the most hilarious quotes. This show takes full advantage of a talented cast that excels in comedy to deliver some of the most hysterical moments, even amid the chaos.


When Argyle finds out that Surfer Boy Pizza is growing

“Attention Domino’s: Your Domino’s will fall.”

An image of Argyle looking serious in Stranger Things

When Will, Mike, Argyle and Jonathan are nearly at Nina, the place where Eleven got her powers back, Argyle spots a Surfer Boy Pizza billboard in Nevada and realizes that the pizzeria he works for has opened up. other locations in different states. .

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Argyle is one of the funniest characters in season 4, mainly because he spends most of his time flying a kite. Seeing his loyalty to the pizzeria is endearing, and his threat to Domino’s Pizza, one of the most famous pizzerias in the world, is pretty hilarious.

When Joyce and Murray save Jim from Russian prison

Jim: “I guess you got my message, huh?”

Joyce: “Oh, no, I always wanted to visit the Soviet Union, with Murray.”


After Joyce, Jim, and Murray finally manage to contain the Demogorgon in the Russian prison without any of them dying in the process, Jim and Joyce finally sit down to have a heart-to-heart while Joyce gets away. takes care of Jim’s wounds and this quote is Jim and Joyce’s way of breaking the ice.

Since everyone thought Jim was dead in the third season, it was a relief to see that he was alive, even though he was a prisoner of the Soviet Union. Fans of the show have been waiting for these two characters to finally be together and Jim and Joyce’s chemistry is off the charts with their typical witty sense of humor.

When Dr. Brenner Terribly Explained Things

“Well, that went really well, I thought.

Matthew Modine as Brenner in Stranger Things gazing intently upwards while holding Eleven

After Dr. Owens tries to appease Eleven, telling him that all his friends are safe, Dr. Brenner explains to Eleven how Vecna ​​opens a door between the two worlds, and he does it in the most sinister way. possible. He uses a pencil to illustrate and slowly and theatrically breaks it, scaring Eleven, who ran out of the room.

From the start of the show, people know that Dr. Brenner doesn’t have the best people skills. He treats children as if they were adults and often puts them in dangerous situations. On the other hand, Dr. Owens has always been more empathetic with Eleven, and he understandably makes a sarcastic remark about Dr. Brenner’s terrible lack of tact.

When no one agreed on how to call Victor Creel

Robin: “We got Vecna ​​wrong…Henry…Un, sorry, what do we call it now?”

Dustin and Lucas: “One”.

Erica: “Vecna.”

Nancy: “Henri”.

Robin: “We learned something new about Vecna/Henry/One.”

Stranger Things Vecna

During the fourth season, Vecna ​​reveals a multitude of identities. The name of the monstrous character attacking from the Upside Down is Vecna, but soon enough the team discovers that his real name is Henry Creel and that he was renamed One by Dr. Brenner.

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When Robin tries to make a point about this character, she doesn’t even know what to call him. Everyone wants to call her by different names, so Robin decides to use all three names at once to please everyone. At such a tense moment, the comic relief was deeply appreciated.

When Robin is understandably upset that people can buy pomegranates

“Is it a grenade? I mean, how is all this legal?”

Maya Hawke as Robin in Season 4 of Stranger Things

After Hawkins’ team concocts a plan to defeat Vecna, they must stock up on arsenal. Eddie immediately suggests a store that carries a wide variety of firearms and explosives, much to Robin’s amazement. This perfectly sums up the personality of Robin, who is always questioning all the nonsense around him.

The joke continues when Nancy starts cutting off the muzzle of her shotgun and Max asks her if it’s even legal, to which Nancy shamelessly replies, “actually, I think it’s a crime”. The show boldly makes a joke about how absurd it is for everyday people to have access to such deadly tools, and they make a compelling case.

When Eddie steals a trailer

Steve: “Do you have a car that we don’t know about?”

Eddie: “It’s not exactly a car, Steve. And it’s not exactly mine, but, um… it’ll be fine.”

Stranger Things Season 4 Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson Dining Hall

When everyone needs to get to the gun shop as quickly as possible, Eddie knows exactly what to do. It may not be legal or the best mode of transportation, and they may have left a family without a home (and car), but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Eddie is a hilarious character, which is why he was a fan favorite this season. Even though Eddie’s skills fall into the realm of illegality, his ingenuity arrives at just the right time to save the day. Everyone knows that Eddie is the real MVP this season.

When Dustin’s pun didn’t land

“Hey, you’re really ready for the fight.”

Dustin and Eddie back to back in Season 4 of Stranger Things

When everyone prepares to defeat Vecna, Eddie builds shields to defend against the upside-down bat-like creatures. Just then, Dustin makes this big pun that Eddie pretends not to understand before trying to give Dust a thumbs up.

It’s one of the most wholesome moments on the show, but it’s also very funny. Dustin and Eddie are one of the best duos on the show to the point where they almost rival Dustin and Steve’s friendship. However, this scene only made it sadder to see Eddie sacrificing himself at the end.

When Erica shamed Lucas for his spear building skills

Erica: “That’s too loose, Lucas. It’s not a basketball game where they whistle when your shoes fall off.”

Erica Sinclair in Stranger Things Season 4

Lucas and Erica are tasked with building their spears, but funny enough, Erica is much better at building weapons even though she’s younger. When Lucas’ spear is too loose to be useful, Erica doesn’t hold back from playing with her older brother.

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Erica is one of the funniest characters on the show because viewers think it’s hilarious that she has such an attitude despite being the shortest on the team. Because of this, fans love seeing Erica give Lucas a hard time. Let’s just hope she goes easy on him after everything he had to go through in the last episode.

When Mike refuses to try the pineapple pizza

“What? This is insane. Blasphemous. Putting fruit on the pizza?”

Stranger Things Mike Wheeler Season 4 Trailer

When Will, Mike, Eleven and Jonathan prepare the pizza dough freezer for Eleven, Argyle is busy baking a delicious pizza for all to enjoy. The only problem is that it contains pineapple as one of the ingredients, and Mike adamantly refuses to eat such an aberration.

The pineapple over pizza debate has been going on for decades, and everyone on the internet has a strong opinion about it, to the point that friendships have even been permanently endangered. The Duffer brothers have a side in this argument, which is that pineapple belongs in pizza – much to Mike’s dismay.

When Eleven explains to Max how she saved her

“I leaned on a pizza dough freezer”

Eleven in The Void in Stranger Things

When Eleven joins Max in her mind to help him counterattack Vecna, Max is completely flabbergasted and finds it hard to believe that Eleven is real. Eleven reassures her that she is, in fact, real and explains that she clung to a pizza dough freezer as if those words together meant something to Max.

Viewers, of course, know this to mean that Eleven used her mind-traveling powers to reach her, and that she used the pizza dough freezer filled with salt water to be able to use her powers. Maw, however, didn’t get it, and unfortunately Eleven didn’t have time to explain before Vecna ​​petted him again.

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