10 Emotional Quotes That Make Editors Cry

For all his nerdy humor and catchphrases like “Bazinga!” The Big Bang Theory had some serious moments. The main characters have been through ups and downs as a unit, had roadblocks at work, experienced roller coaster relationships…and in the end, they came out stronger as friends and individuals.

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These emotional exchanges resonate as much with the audience as the funny ones. As sarcastic as the group can be with each other, they each had a moment or a line that made fans on Reddit shed a tear or two.


Sheldon Cooper

“Go boldly, Howard Wolowitz.”

A split image of Amy and Sheldon watching the space launch on TBBT

Howard and Sheldon haven’t always found common ground. Sheldon often ridiculed Howard for not having his doctorate, and Howard belittled Sheldon for being socially awkward. But when Howard went to space, a new wave of respect washed over Sheldon.

Reddit u/idknayoudecide said the moment that moved them the most was when they all gathered to watch Howard’s rocket launch into space. “They were all holding hands, especially Penny and Sheldon, even when they were acting like they didn’t like him too much and Sheldon said, ‘Go boldly, Howard Wolowitz. It always gives me goosebumps.”

Howard Wolowitz

“If I didn’t have you, life would be blue, I would be Doctor Who without the TARDIS…”

Howard sings for Bernie

There came a point in Howard and Bernadette’s relationship when the two fell in love and were no longer on shaky ground. In one episode, Bernadette had to miss a special dinner with Howard because she was compromised at work and had to be quarantined. Zehara1997 found this scene to be the most moving.

“The song Howard wrote for Bernadette that he and the band performed with him when she was in the hospital,” they wrote. Another one Editor chimed in, writing, “I’m fully cry the first time I saw this scene. So cute.”

Sheldon Cooper

“When I lost my own father, I had no friends to help me through it. It’s you.”

howards mom is dead - the big bang theory

One of the saddest episodes of TBBT That’s when Howard found out his mother had died while visiting his sister in Florida. He was at the comic book store surrounded by friends when he discovered it, but he was left speechless.

Knowing how close Howard and his mother were, it was heartbreaking to think about his future without her. MajorZombie7204 wrote “The scene in the comic book store when Howard tells them his mother is dead” was one of the most emotional moments. Specifically, the moment when “Bernadette goes to hug him, followed by Sheldon’s line about how Howard has friends to help him through this.” Sheldon’s line about Howard having friends was unexpected.

Howard Wolowitz

“But what I really want her to know is the guy who disgusts her, he’s also the guy who disgusts me. But that guy doesn’t exist anymore…”

A shared image of Penny and the girls talking to Howard on TBBT

When Howard and Bernadette got serious, she had no idea about his past of inappropriate retorts and cringe-worthy behavior. However, when the two got engaged and Howard celebrated his bachelor party, Bernadette discovered his sketchy past and questioned their relationship.

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vingeran mentioned that the scene where Howard apologizes to Bernadette for his former behavior was one of the most emotional. The Redditor ended the post with Howard’s remaining line, “So if this relationship is over, let her know she made me a better man and say thank you.”

Leonard Hofstadter

“I thought we’d take your car…..”

Leonard gives Penny a car on TBBT

Monomocessen mentioned the “I thought we’d take your car” quote as one of the most emotional lines on the show.

In the episode, Penny quit her job as a waitress and focused on acting. The only problem was that she was short on money and didn’t have enough to fix her car when it broke down. In a surprising scene, Leonard shocked Penny by giving her a new car so she could go to the auditions. This gift from Leonard showed how much he loved Penny and believed in her.

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

“Inside the envelope was a picture of your dad holding you the day you were born. On the back it wrote Howard, my son, my greatest gift.”

The band sitting in Howard's apartment on TBBT

It’s easy to forget the ins and outs of Howard’s family, because all he ever needed was his mother. In reality, Howard’s father left his family when he was just a child. Howard had no idea what happened to his father and kept an old letter from him buried in his closet. But when Sheldon found the letter (and shared it with everyone), the group wanted to be nice and tell Howard what the letter said.

With one person reading the real post and the others sharing fake posts, knit in mittens wrote, “[I] are still crying during the scene where they offer the ‘possibly true’ versions of the letter Howard’s father wrote to him that Sheldon opened.” They went on to say, “It was such a great way to resolve the problem of everyone knowing what the letter actually says except Howard and letting him choose which one helped him the most.”

Amy and Sheldon

Amy: “I want you to know that you don’t have to say it back. I know you’re not ready and I don’t want you to say it just because social convention requires it ⁠—” Sheldon: “I love you too.”

amy tells sheldon she loves him - the big bang theory

Amy and Sheldon had a long romantic relationship as they were friends for years before getting into a serious relationship. There came a time, however, when Amy’s feelings for Sheldon were stronger than his for her.

As Amy told Sheldon she loved him, he cut her off and said the same. Bellebri responded to the moving quote by saying “This is my favorite episode. It gave me hope to be loved one day.” It was a big moment for Sheldon and Amy.


“There was a time when I would never have been friends with someone like you, and now you’re one of my favorite people. So if what you need is to spend your birthday in a bathroom , I am happy to do it with You.”

Penny and Sheldon had one of the best friendships on the show. As different as they were, they slowly grew on each other and developed a brotherly dynamic.

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In one episode, the gang threw Sheldon an amazing birthday party because he had never had a happy one before. But seeing everyone’s smiling, encouraging faces worried Sheldon. He ran to the bathroom and Penny followed to comfort him. Pepper1133 wrote that this scene was the most emotional for them. “Hands down my favorite moment of the whole series,” they concluded.

Sheldon Cooper

“Well, Gollum, you are an expert in rings. [Sheldon takes out an engagement ring from his desk drawer] What should I do with this one? »

Sheldon looks at Amy's engagement ring on TBBT

Although Sheldon and Amy were committed to each other, it came to a point where Amy felt like their relationship was going nowhere. She broke up with him, which led to Sheldon saying an emotional line that viewers will never forget.

solipsistic compass wrote that Sheldon’s line about his engagement ring for Amy was a “punch for us Shamy shippers”. Another one Editor noted that this scene was “hard to watch” as it proved that Sheldon liked Amy enough to propose but Amy didn’t know it.

Raj Koothrappali

“I’m not friendly.”

Kaley Cuoco and Kunal Nayar in The Big Bang Theory

Raj had fantastic episodes on TBBT because of his character growth. He’s come a long way since Season 1.

In one episode, Raj was unlucky after Lucy broke up with him. Knowing how upset he was, Penny stopped by his apartment to comfort him. soulless plague wrote “When Raj cries with Penny, saying no one will ever love her” was the most moving line. They went on to say, “Such a moving scene that’s punctuated with a well-timed joke.”

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