10 Best Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Haley And Dylan’s Relationship

Sarah Hyland has starred in several romantic films over the past few years, as of 2019 The year of marriage to 2022 my fake boyfriendand also played Allie in the podcast series Dare, marry, bury. Fans will never forget Hyland’s years modern family portraying Haley Dunphy, particularly Haley’s charming relationship with Dylan Marshall.

Haley and Dylan meet in high school and their story is a whirlwind of breaking up, falling in love with each other, and finally having twin babies and getting married. These characters always find a way to find each other, and some of their most memorable quotes explain why they have such a special bond.


“Most of Dylan’s money is locked up in Dave & Buster gift cards.”

Haley describes Dylan’s finances in season 10

At Haley and Dylan’s modern family the relationship becomes more adult and mature in the final season when they become parents and move into Cam and Mitch’s house. Haley explains that Dylan doesn’t manage his finances in the typical way and Dylan says he thinks having gift cards is safe.

This quote says a lot about this sitcom couple and how they relate to each other. Haley doesn’t think it’s weird that Dylan doesn’t use a bank and Dylan feels like he can tell Haley anything. This contrasts with Haley’s other relationships, as with Rainer Shiner, Andy Bailey, and Arvin Fennerman, she cannot be fully herself.

“Imagine us walking down the aisle, a breathtaking sight in pristine white…”

Dylan proposes to Haley in the Season 10 episode “Kids These Days”

When Dylan wants to marry Haley in season 10, he makes viewers laugh by suggesting he’ll be dressed in white adding “and you wearing whatever you want”. Dylan never does things the traditional way, and it only makes sense that he would want to switch things up.

Dylan’s silly nature is loved and it would seem modern family something was missing without it, because he brings so much comic relief to his scenes. It doesn’t cross Dylan’s mind that Haley would wear a white wedding dress, and it’s good that he can be exactly himself with her. Neither character cares that the other person is judging them or thinking they made a stupid comment.

“Haley is fine. She was so brave. And the babies are great!

Dylan is thrilled to be a father

While Claire is nervous about Haley and Dylan becoming parents at a young age, Haley’s entire family is happy and emotional to meet the babies at the hospital and see how well Haley and Dylan are adjusting. Dylan shares that he’s so proud of Haley and his statement that “babies are awesome” is adorable, testament to the passion he feels for this big life change.

While Dylan might not be the traditional person Claire envisioned for her daughter, Dylan is kind and watches over Haley at every turn, making sure she’s happy and okay. Haley and Dylan are very caring for each other and Dylan’s words in the hospital prove it.

“Well, now we know it’s Hayden or Dyley.”

Dylan wants to find a great baby name

Dylan says some of the best modern family quotes from supporting characters, including when pondering what to call the twins. When he asks if Haley is mad at him, she says she’s worried about being pregnant and he’s focused on “combining our names into the perfect baby name.” Before helping Haley get over her worries, Dylan says, in all seriousness, that he likes “Hayden” and “Dyley.”

Haley appreciates Dylan for who he is and knows he doesn’t always see situations the same way she does. Her ideas may not be the best, but Haley can tell Dylan is devoted to her and the family they’re creating.

“I had a feeling it was going to be you.” “You rang the doorbell for me.”

The couple get back together in season 10

This fun exchange between Haley and Dylan shows that even though they work so well together and are both a bit silly, Haley is more practical, which helps balance them out. Dylan is surprised to see Haley, as he has already forgotten that he just let her in.

While Dylan lives in the moment and has as much fun as he can, Haley is caught up in worry and worry. While Haley always notices when Dylan says something stupid, she likes to hear what he has to say and never makes fun of him.

“That’s the sound she makes when she wants me to fast forward.”

Haley just said to Dylan “bloop-bloop!”

Dylan knows Haley thinks he’s telling endless stories that don’t seem to be going anywhere, and he realizes he should speed things up so he doesn’t annoy anyone. Dylan loves and respects Haley and instead of getting upset when she mentions some of her flaws, he wants to improve as a person and takes it in stride.

This funny moment shows just how kind Haley and Dylan are to each other. Instead of making him feel bad about his tendency to ramble, Haley comes up with a silly and quirky way to let him know, and Dylan doesn’t care at all.

“You’re a high school student and I’m a ranch hand.”

Dylan thinks he and Haley should stay apart

One of the most memorable modern family vacations are when the characters go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Dylan works on a ranch. Dylan realizes that he and Haley are better apart, at least at this point in their lives, and mentions that she’s still in high school and he’s now at a different stage in his life.

Although Dylan’s words are funny, they prove that Dylan listens to his instincts and can tell when something is right or wrong. Dylan knows he cares about Haley, but he doesn’t think they’re meant to be together right now. The characters are still in sync as they both agree the timing is off here.

“There’s music and laughter and I know I can always be myself.”

Haley realizes she’s meant to be with Dylan.

It takes Haley a while to realize that she’s meant to be with Dylan, as she’s been dating other people, getting into trouble while in college, and figuring out what she should do with her life. . She admits he is her future and shares that they won’t have any money or material possessions, but that doesn’t matter to her.

This quote is important because Haley realizes she can settle down young, but she’s not afraid because she knows Dylan will always make her feel safe, comfortable, and loved. She doesn’t have to be embarrassed by her flaws or worry about anything because Dylan accepts her and thinks she’s interesting, cool, and exactly the person he wants to spend his life with.

“I meant after she graduated.”

Dylan proposes to Haley in Season 3

Haley might date others modern family characters, but Dylan is always withdrawn, even in Season 3 when he asks her to marry him. Claire is understandably upset and scared at the thought and says they are way too young.

Dylan watches over Haley and wants to do things the right way. Although he wants them to be technically committed, he knows she should graduate from high school and find the path she wants to be on. It’s important to see that Dylan has always dreamed of marrying Haley.

“You were wearing that cool, scruffy military jacket, and I was completely jealous of your lashes.”

Haley reflects on her first meeting with Dylan

Haley and Dylan have a heartwarming conversation about meeting in high school and Haley shares how attractive she thought Dylan was. Dylan strikes a chord with Haley when he says he’s always worked to “get better until I deserve you.”

While Haley knows Dylan has always cared about her, it’s especially special when he shares how he wants her to be in awe of him and thinks he’s someone worthy of her time and love. . While Haley was interested in Dylan’s look, he was never too cool to share why he’s so taken with Haley, and it’s really adorable.

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