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Amazon prime The war of tomorrow is a sci-fi movie filled with emotional roller coasters that, in the end, leaves many questions unanswered. Nonetheless, any emotional film should include good quotes, emotional or inspirational and The war of tomorrow is no exception.

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From underrated quotes at the start of the film to emotional family moments and heroic deeds at the end, this blockbuster features unique characters who manage to shine through their best quotes. Some even do it more than once.

ten Martin – Volcanoes are the fury of nature, guys

Student Martin seated behind his desk

One of the film’s most underrated lines is probably Martin’s quote expressing his interest in volcanoes. While it doesn’t seem relevant at the start of the film, Martin stepped in at the end because his interest in volcanoes allowed him to explain how volcanic ash from China appeared in Russia.

With Martin’s intelligence and assistance, Dan and his team were able to pinpoint the location of the white tips.

9 Emmy – We’re looking at the wrong year

Emmy and Dan Forester side by side

Although Dan went through the whole adventure with the Whitespikes, it was Emmy, his wife, who found out where they should start looking.

Specifically, instead of thinking that they arrived decades later, she realized that they should start looking at their own current year, as white tips are already possible on Earth. While it’s still unclear where they came from and how long they’ve been around, Emmy is off to a good start in finding the answer.

8 James – I’m going to get my coat

JK Simmons in The War of Tomorrow

Although this is a simple and seemingly meaningless quote, James meant so much more with it. After Dan insulted James, he returned a week later to ask him a huge and extremely strange favor: he asked James to illegally fly them to Russia in order to kill an alien colony.

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For James, who had no idea about aliens and whose relationship with Dan was terrible, “no” was the expected answer. Nonetheless, without any questions or hesitation, James said he was in it.

7 Dorian – What kind of selfish d ** k doesn’t help a guy save his kid, right?

Dorian sitting elbows on knees

Dorian in the main part of the film appeared as a selfish guy who had lost hope and believed that saving the world was impossible and meaningless.

However, when Dan mentions that he is doing it to save his daughter, Dorian regains hope and decides to help him. The roles turned for Dorian, shifting from his selfishness to his selflessness, culminating in his heroic finale.

6 Hart – It was an honor to have known her

Hart and his soldiers appearing in the middle of a football match

Hart, speaking to Dan about Muri, mentions that it was an honor to know her since Muri was his supervisor. Although this is a simple quote, such a saying means the world to a father when it refers to his daughter.

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This is especially true when it comes to a father like Dan who, after the recent events of meeting adult Muri, had the greatest love and respect for her.

5 Dorian – If I’m going to die, I’m going to die my way!

Dorian and Dan moving through town with the other soldiers

One of the conditions to be recruited to fight was that this person died within the next few years. So whoever was recruited knew they would eventually die, but didn’t know how.

Dorian, when he was with Dan in Russia to fight the Whitespike Colony, was forced to blow up the entire Whitespike hideout with his c4. However, he knew this would result in his death as the c4 would immediately explode. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate and died in his own way saving the world.

4 James – I’m sorry son, I’m sorry about everything

In one of the film’s most moving scenes, James cuts himself to get the attention of the Whitespike woman, ready to be sacrificed while apologizing for being absent for her son’s entire life.

Nonetheless, Dan jumps onto the whitespike stabbing it in the neck and the scene ends with the two survivors and finally defeating the whitespike colony in a touching family moment, despite the slightly confusing end to the story.

3 Dan – If I have to save the world to save her then I’m sure I will

In one of the movie’s most motivating quotes, Dan talks about his daughter, Muri, and how all he does is save her first and foremost. The fact that he will eventually save the world as well is just a side effect.

Not only does this show how much he cares for his daughter, it is also the quote to motivate Dorian to help him on his mission. Nonetheless, although Dan was ultimately successful, there is still no answer if the white tips are completely gone, as the teases for the movie’s sequel reveal that they are the primary focus.

2 Adult Muri – I’m so happy to see you like this

When Dan meets the adult Muri in the future, Muri lets him know that he was not a good father in the years to come as he and his wife divorced, before dying in a car accident.

Nonetheless, as Dan is in the future, he does his best to be a good father to Muri and she appreciates him. She’s happy to finally see him as a real dad as she’s grown up, and it ends up being one of the movie’s most emotional scenes.

1 Dan – Chickpea, I would like you to meet your grandpa

Dan, Emmy and Muri are watching TV

The film began with Dan rejecting his father’s birthday card to his daughter, Muri. However, in the final scene the tide has turned and after James’ heroic efforts to stand by Dan’s side, Dan decides to introduce Muri to his grandfather.

With Dan and James’ relationship restored, the show ends with James finally hugging Muri, in an incredibly moving finale.

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