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Recently released on Amazon Prime, A league apart is a series loosely based on the 1992 films of the same name starring Geena Davis and Tom Hanks. Writer and creator Abbi Jacobson leads the series as Carson Shaw, a married woman who decides to leave everything behind and join the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II.

Addressing many themes previously unexplored in the original film, such as race and homosexuality, the series contains many memorable quotes from standout performances.


ten “I think you are running towards your destiny.”

Greta Gill (episode 1, “Batter Up”)

As Greta cuts Carson’s hair at the hotel after tryouts, they talk about the journey they’re about to take with the league and the different paths they’ve taken to get there. Having left home without telling her soldier husband, Charlie, Carson wonders if she’s just giving up on everything.

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These words reassure Carson that she is where she is supposed to be and is heading in the right direction instead of just running away from the way life is supposed to be. In doing so, it perfectly sets up the season as well as the relationship between Carson and Greta.

9 “They can’t tell us if it’s real or not.”

Greta Gill (episode 2, “Find the Gap”)

After a disastrous game, Carson talks to Greta in the league state locker room. As she laments how the whole situation must have been too good to be true, Greta pushes back and says that they themselves are the only ones who can decide how real everything is.

With so much against the players, like having to go to beauty school like their real-life inspirations had to, it’s easy to get carried away by the surrounding forces. But the real heart and soul of the league are the ladies who make up the teams, and they are the ones who really decide its successes and failures.

8 “It’s the players who make the manager.”

Carson Shaw (episode 3, “The Cut”)

As the season begins for the Rockford Peaches, things don’t go well between the team and their manager/coach, Casey “Dove” Porter, who doesn’t seem to be invested or believe in the team. Carson speculates on how to get Porter to start leading and help them win games as they are close to last place in the league.

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This quote emphasizes the importance of a manager in a baseball team and how the players have a responsibility to mold their leader. It also foreshadows Carson’s eventual role as coach of the team and how she is best suited for this role while also needing the support of the other player to lead effectively.

seven “I’ve always loved doing something over and over again.”

Max Chapman (episode 4, “Switching Batters”)

Since the beginning of the season, the most important aspect of Max’s personality is the fact that she loves baseball more than anything. Partly for this reason, she also enjoys working at the screw factory, where she begins to hone her skills as a welder the same way she practices perfect pitch.

As Max explains to Gary, Clance, and Guy over dinner why she enjoys routines that may seem boring or tedious to others, she, in turn, takes a closer look at who she is. Max describes a process that many athletes can identify with while emerging as one of the best representations of women in sport.

6 “There’s no crying in baseball!”

Having been tasked with taking over coaching duties after Dove’s departure, Carson struggles to convince the rest of the team to support her. Rockford Peaches player Jess shouts that iconic line from the 1992 film when Carson begins to buckle under the pressure.

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Carson had been told by several people so far that she needed to toughen up to be an effective leader and get the rest of the team to listen to her. This quote not only acts as a great throwback to the original movie, but also serves as a reminder to Carson that she needs to stop crying and get to work winning games.

5 “I love you and I love you.”

The mother-daughter relationship between Max and Toni sees ups and downs throughout the season, as the two struggle to truly understand each other. Earlier in the episode, Max accuses his mother of loving him but not loving him because of their differences. Later, Toni returns those words and dispels Max’s doubts.

What makes hearing this all the more powerful is that Toni speaks directly to one of Max’s insecurities and also reassures her that their relationship is not an obligation. Although Toni may not understand why Max might want to live her life the way she does, she knows that she will always be his daughter and that she will always love and love him.

4 “Maybe things are changing now.”

Best friends Greta and Jo had been through several cities and many years together when they found themselves in the Rockford Peaches. As they have a conversation about the “rules” they must follow to conceal their sexual orientation, Jo points out where they are now and how things can improve for them in this environment.

With the show already featuring some of the best LGBTQ+ character arcs in 2022, Jo is right that the background she and Greta find themselves in now provides some freedom to be themselves. However, those words are bittersweet when Jo is then heartbreakingly shown just how much the world remains unchanged.

3 “I don’t want you to worry about me.”

Max Chapman (episode 7, “Full Account”)

Max spends most of the season trying to figure out who she is, where she can fit in, and how she can play baseball with the pros. She gets a glimpse of the paths ahead of her, such as with her Uncle Bert, Clance, and her parents, but still isn’t quite sure where she belongs.

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Max may not have found out exactly how her life might turn out, but she now knows she has options other than marriage and children. Max lets not only others but also herself know that she is going to figure it all out just fine.

2 “You are my team”

Max Chapman (episode 8, “Perfect Game”)

Caught between many worlds, Max spends the whole season wondering where she can fit in: her team. Whether it’s the women’s baseball league for being black or her own community for being queer, Max often doesn’t find where she truly fits in as herself.

The only place she’s truly accepted and loved unconditionally for herself is with her best friend Clance, and Max knows it well as they share a tearful goodbye in the latest episode. It’s a life-changing friendship for both of them, and though Max finds a baseball team to play for by the end of the season, she knows her real team has always been Clance.

1 “Let’s go rob the bank!”

Carson Shaw (Episode 8, “Perfect Game”)

As Carson gives the Rockford Peaches a pep talk in the final round of the World Series game, she refers to something Greta told her at the start of the season. She tells the team to take everything they can out of this experience and leave nothing behind.

These words not only serve to rally the team in the final hours of the game, but also demonstrate how far Carson has come as a leader and a person. Recalling what Greta initially says shows how much Greta influenced and helped shape Carson into who she really is.

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