10 best quotes from Prime Minister Modi’s speech to the nation



Here are 10 of the best quotes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech to the nation on October 22 today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation, a day after the country administered 100 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Short Image GDP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today, October 22, to mark the country’s milestone administering one billion COVID-19[female[feminine vaccine doses. Speaking about this momentous achievement, he said it reflected the strength of the country.

Modi also added that while doubts were expressed that India could vaccinate its huge population, the 100 crore vaccination figure was an answer to all those doubts. He praised the vaccination stage, saying no “VIP culture” had been allowed to dominate the prick process.

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In addition, Prime Minister Modi urged people to let go of their hesitation about the vaccine and get bitten for the virus. He also called on people not to become “carefree” and to celebrate the holiday season with care.

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Here are 10 of the best quotes from the Prime Minister’s speech today, October 22:

• “A success for India and the success of every compatriot”.

• “At the start of the Corona epidemic, fears were also expressed that it would be very difficult to fight this epidemic in a democracy like India. It was also said for India, for the Indian people, how will so much restraint, so much discipline work here? “

• “100 crore in vaccinations is not just a number, but a reflection of the strength of the country. “

• “India’s acceptance in the world as a pharmaceutical hub will be further strengthened. “

• “India’s entire immunization program has been science-based, science-driven and science-based”.

• “If the disease does not discriminate, then there can be no discrimination in immunization. That is why care was taken to ensure that the culture of VIP rights does not dominate the vaccination campaign ”.

• “India’s acceptance in the world as a pharmaceutical hub will be further strengthened. “

• “Today, not only are record investments coming into Indian companies, but new employment opportunities are also being created for young people. With record investments in start-ups, unicorns are emerging.

• “Just as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mass movement, in the same way, buying things made in India, buying things made by Indians, being Vocal for Local has to be put into practice. “

• “No matter how good the cover is, no matter how modern the armor is, even if the armor offers a complete guarantee of protection, weapons are not given up in battle. There is no reason to be negligent. Celebrate our holidays with the utmost care.

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India has passed the billion mark coronavirus vaccine doses yesterday, October 21. Several prominent people from around the world praised the achievement, which made the country only the second country after China to administer 100 crore doses.


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