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After seeing Luann de Lesseps on the The Real Housewives of New York City from the start, fans saw her as a countess, divorced, had legal issues, got sober, and became a cabaret star. Luann has changed her lifestyle over the years, but she has always retained a sense of confidence and elegance.

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There are many other shows that fans of RHONY will love it, but nothing compares to Luann’s antics, memorable quotes, and sometimes hilarious moments from this reality series. From comments on a co-star’s apartment to her opinions on fashion and herself, Luann’s one-liners never fail to leave fans angry.

ten “Oh, boy. Uh, let’s see, uh. I love how humble she is.”

Leah McSweeney RHONY wearing black sweater

In Season 12, Luann went to Leah’s apartment and she definitely looked uncomfortable. She felt he was too small and laid back for her liking, and she had nothing nice to say about it.

When Luann was asked about Leah’s place, that was the answer, and it’s one of her best quotes just because she said what she meant without being too rude on the surface.

9 “Be cool. Don’t be all … like, not cool.”

RHONY Luann in shades telling everyone not to be cool

In Season 7, the cast went on vacation to Turks and Caicos, and Heather didn’t like that she found a naked man in the house. She complained to Luann and said it freaked her out, and Luann got this hilarious response.

This is one of the most memorable quotes on RHONY and viewers loved how laid back and laid back Luann was. Normally she was the image of class and elegance, or at least tried to be, but in this scene Luann acted like Heather was upset for no reason. Viewers might sympathize with Heather here, as it would be strange to wake up and see an unknown man in a vacation home.

8 “Well, even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes.”

Luann De Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Speaking to Alex, Luann said, “You come here with your Herman Munster shoes” and Alex replied that they were Louis Vuitton. Luann had prepared this daring comeback.

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It’s always fun to watch the Real housewives and seeing the designer labels the cast members wear, and it’s even more fun when they bring those labels up in conversation. When Alex told Luann she was being rude, she said what fans were thinking because there didn’t seem to be any reason for Luann to insult his choice of shoes.

7 “It’s really hard for me to say that I will miss her so much. But as they say on Broadway, the show has to go on without you.”

Bethenny talks to Luann on a bed at RHONY

During the Season 12 premiere, the cast members opened up about Bethenny’s departure from the show, and that was Luann’s response. It stands out because it was not a very nice thing to say.

There was a lot to love about Season 12, from iconic housewives to the knowledge of actor Leah McSweeney, and many fans felt Bethenny’s absence. It was truly surprising to hear Luann say that he wouldn’t really miss Bethenny. Of course, the two have had tension over the years, but they seemed to genuinely care about each other.

6 “Don’t throw your jealous energy on stage with me.”

Sonja and Luann on stage during RHONY

Luann said this while speaking to the camera, as she was angry with Dorinda, and she felt others envied her cabaret performances.

Fans remember when Bethenny got mad at Luann for talking about cabaret the whole time, which was one of the RHONY most iconic scenes, and this interaction makes this quote even more meaningful. Luann really didn’t understand why her friends thought she was too obsessed with her performance because she had a blast with her new life.

5 “What is it, is it a buffalo coming down the stairs?”

While Luann was doing henna, Alex rushed up the stairs and asked if she could talk to him. Luann said yes, but she was really upset that she was interrupted. Luann felt that Alex was walking too hard.

It’s hard to imagine most people hearing someone come down the stairs and liken them to a buffalo. Luann was probably trying to be funny, but it fell a bit flat – which is why it’s so memorable for fans.

4 “I think you are ultra-sensitive.”

In a previous season, Luann and Bethenny met for lunch in the Hamptons so they could work out some issues. Bethenny was offended when she told Luann she was going to be on the cover of a magazine and Luann asked if there would be any touch ups.

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Luann told Bethenny that she wanted to “protect” her, then said she was too sensitive. It was an unforgettable moment between the two reality stars, as Bethenny is known for her honesty, independence and tough personality, and most wouldn’t rate her as overly sensitive.

3 “If I’m a loser, the rest of the world sucks.”

Real New York housewives Luann de Lesseps hints at new Castmate

In Season 10, Bethenny and Carole had a fight at the table and Carole said Bethenny called Luann a loser. Luann said: “If I’m a loser, the rest of the world sucks.” She continued, “This is how I personally feel because I think I’m awesome.”

Not everyone would feel comfortable making such a bold statement, but fans know Luann as a very confident person who often talks like this. A great motto to adopt in life!

2 “You make him sound pretentious. “

real housewives of new york tom luann bethenny

In Season 9, Bethenny was upset that Dorinda mentioned that Luann and Tom lived in a penthouse and she mentioned that they used the word too often. Luann said Bethenny made him sound “pretentious” when he wasn’t.

While Bethenny and Luann have been friends for years, they’ve had a lot of ups and downs as they sometimes rub the wrong way. A common theme in their friendship is that Bethenny feels that Luann has insulted others or spoken to them with contempt, and this is an example of that dynamic, one that has made the series so iconic and remarkable in the franchise.

1 “I felt totally embarrassed to be introduced to the driver as Luann. I’m not used to it.”

Close-up of Luanna de Lesseps from RHONY smiling

In Season 1, Bethenny introduced Luann to her driver, and afterwards Luann explained that she wanted to be called a Countess. Bethenny said she didn’t have “The Countess’s Handbook” so she didn’t know about it.

Luann has had good times and bad on RHONY, and viewers will always remember how she was nicknamed the Countess when she married Count Alexander. The fact that she, a straight face and all, was very serious about being portrayed as the Countess is hardly recountable, but it is the epitome of Luann in all his extravagance.

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