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Telling the true story of Venus and Serena Williams’ incredible rise to tennis greatness, king richard is a moving and inspiring story about ambition, vision and perseverance. As such, the film is filled with powerful and memorable quotes that reflect the message of the film.

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Many of these memorable lines are given to coaches or other people outside the family who neglect girls, like Serena telling Paul Cohen that she will become a role model for others instead of following in someone’s footsteps. else. Other lines are delivered from one family member to another as they fight to stay united and focused on their lofty goals.


Richard williams

“When I was little, my mother used to say, ‘My son, the most powerful and dangerous creature on earth is a woman who can think.’”

Will Smith as Richard Williams Saniyya Sidney as Venus Williams and Demi Singleton as Serena Williams in King Richard

As Richard drives Venus and Serena to a wealthy neighborhood, the girls look out the window and fantasize about owning a mansion one day. Richard encourages them with this quote and makes sure they will be successful with the plan.

The quote sums up Richard’s incredible belief in his daughters and shows why he is such an inspiring trainer. He knows that if girls are able to combine intelligence and maturity with their gifts, they will be unstoppable. It also touches on the film’s broader themes of empowerment and ambition.

Richard williams

“No matter how these people treated her, no matter how disrespectful they were, she kept calm, she kept her heart pure. She was humble.”

Will Smith in King Richard

After making his daughters watch Cinderella, Richard asks them to analyze the film. He then tells them that the movie’s message is about humility, as Cinderella refused to stoop to the level of everyone around her.

The film is a lovely feel-good story that plays on the typical Cinderella archetype from rags to riches, so it’s only natural for the girls to learn from the princess’s example. Considering how much sisters would have to go through in order to be successful, this is a great lesson they learn early in life.

Will hodges

“Let’s get out of here.”

Will Hodges meets Richard Williams in King Richard

As a respected and established member of the tennis community, Will Hodges believes he can take control of the career of the Williams sisters and guide them to greater success than Richard alone.

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Although he claims he’s trying to help, there’s no way Richard will let someone else take over after having meticulously planned every step of the way so far. In the end, Richard chooses to keep control and bet on himself and his family, a risky but rewarding choice. Richard is one of the smartest characters in the movie, and refusing Will’s offer is one of the smartest moves he makes.

Paul Cohen and Serena Williams

“Who do you want to play on the tour? “

“Well, I wish other people would want to play like me.”

Serena Williams talks to Paul Cohen in King Richard

When Venus and Serena first meet their potential trainer, Paul Cohen, he tests their skills and briefly interviews them to get a feel for their personalities. As part of this, he asks Serena who she models her game on, but Serena responds by saying that she would rather be the role model for others.

The story focuses more on Venus than on Serena, but given how successful she would be, it’s a big moment that shows her mentality and captures her competitive spirit perfectly.

Paul cohen

“All the American players who have ever done something have become good by going this route.”

Paul Cohen coaches the Williams sisters in King Richard

After meeting with potential coaches, Richard becomes convinced that the system is down and that the best thing to do is to remove his daughters from future tournaments. Coach Paul Cohen tries to convince him that no one has ever done this before.

The quote sums up the exact mindset the Williams family is forced to face in the film. Richard knows they’re already trying to do something that no one else has done before, so the path doesn’t apply to them anyway.

Richard williams

“We are more than a team, we are a family.”

Brady is less than thrilled when Richard makes the decision to fire Paul and remove the girls from all future tournaments without consulting her first. She confronts him and tries to assert that they are a team.

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While Richard should have talked to her about it first, his response taps into what makes them so special. They are surrounded by experienced and talented teams, but the Williams are the only ones to do so both as a team and as a family. While this can sometimes lead to additional strain, it also makes them invested, loyal and supportive of each other.

Rick Macci and Richard Williams

“I think you could have the next Michael Jordan in your hands.”

“Oh, no, my brother, I have the next two.”

king richard - rick macci

After working with Venus and Serena, Rick Macci is blown away by the potential of girls. He lets Richard know how bright he thinks Venus’ future could be. However, Richard informs her that he thinks Serena is just as talented.

The quote not only contextualizes the greatness of Venus, but also shows how much Richard believed in Serena. While many other characters can see the greatness of Venus, Richard knew that Serena would someday grow up to match and possibly surpass her.

Cognac price

“It wouldn’t be a dream without me. I carried them inside me and on my back. And I carried you too.”

Brandy Price listens to Richard speak in King Richard

When Brady sees how upset Venus is that Richard won’t let her play in a tournament, she steps in and confronts him about her attitude. He pushes back, accusing her of not believing in the dream. This upsets Brady and she reminds him of all the ways she invested and sacrificed for the dream of seeing girls succeed.

Because Richard is the center of attention in the film, it’s a big moment that reveals how important Brady was to the process as well. She doesn’t need the same recognition and appreciation that Richard does, but she won’t allow her commitment to be called into question.

Richard williams

“Now I haven’t been a great dad but I’ve never done anything other than trying to protect you.”

In the last conversation the two have before Venus turned pro, Richard opens up to Venus about a traumatic experience from her past. He warns her of the weight that will weigh on her shoulders moving forward and reassures her that he will always be there to protect and support her.

Richard Williams is one of Will Smith’s best roles and this scene is the most emotionally powerful moment in the movie. Richard admits he has his flaws but he shows his heart is in the right place and exemplifies everything he has overcome to improve the lives of his daughters.

Venus Williams

“I think I have the game to beat anyone. I just have to play it.”

Venus Williams takes to court in King Richard

In her first tournament as a professional, Venus faces the best Arantxa Sánchez Vicario. When asked how she thinks she will do against the favorite, Venus responds by saying that she thinks she can beat anyone if she plays up to her potential.

Venus is one of the friendliest characters in the movie, and her quiet confidence is one of the main reasons. She has worked her whole life to prepare for this moment and she believes in becoming a champion. The quote captures the whole movie and shows that she internalized the lessons of her father who taught her that a woman who knows how to think can do anything.

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