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Ashley Darby from The real housewives of the Potomac managed to keep an element of intrigue around it. Often referred to as the politician, the actor has been at the center of the greatest controversies in the Real housewives franchise.

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RHOP is never short of explosive fights or dramatic confrontations, but Ashley’s silences outnumbered her words because she was able to keep important aspects of her personal life out of the spotlight. Ashley has also seen a significant evolution since the start of the series and some of her lines and quotes have been quite memorable.

“I googled everyone!”

This is a photo of Ashley Darby in a floral dress during a church interview on

Ashley’s endearing admission to Season 1 earned her a lot of fan love. Of course, everyone in the cast must have researched their future cast mates, but Ashley was honest enough to admit it. It is important to note that Ashley Season 1 was very different from Ashley Season 6, and she has become a calculating and calm person who knows how to keep secrets.

In Season 1, she admitted a lot, which got her in trouble. For example, when she admitted to Katie that she had searched Robyn on Google and found out about her bankruptcy, she was confronted with Robyn for being curious. But that quote helped viewers understand just how wary the new housewives feel during the franchise’s first season.

“She knows it, she just got caught.”

Ashley in a green dress facing Monique who is holding a glass of champagne on RHOP

After Monique crashed her car into a tree in an alleged drunk driving incident, some of her castmates feared she had a drinking problem. It turned out that Monique had taken 2-3 martinis and fell asleep while driving. She had been angry with Ashley ever since the latter had told the group that Monique had been drinking.

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Ashley met Monique face to face and apologized, but during the confessional a smiling Ashley revealed that Monique knew exactly what she had done wrong and that she was only deviating because she was was caught. It’s actually been a role model with Ashley, and there’s a lot she isn’t comfortable telling her castmates because she’s not good at confrontation. However, she’s also not a doormat, so her confessionals often feature her best one-liners.

“TMI, sorry! “

Ashley often had to defend her marriage to her peers, especially after allegations of her husband Michael’s infidelity and misconduct were published. But Ashley had to develop certain coping mechanisms to answer prying questions about her personal life.

A good example would be the 11th episode of Season 4, when she revealed too much information about her sex life just because Gizelle was curious about Ashley’s marriage. Ashley just said “TMI, sorry!” But it was obvious that this was a brazen maneuver on his part to distract Gizelle and get her to change the subject.

“My marriage had its own identity.”

ashley darby michael darby RHOP CROPP

Some of the best Real housewives couples have had dramatic relationships, and openness is no stranger to unconventional marriages or unions. Ashley’s confession to her non-traditional marital dynamic was quite mature on her part because, as she revealed Michael’s past conduct in Season 5, it was evident that she was aware of her marriage path.

She harbored no illusions about her relationship and seemed to have ironed out her personal issues, at least in front of the audience. Her marriage had its own identity and had some unconventional aspects, but Ashley managed to keep her head above water.

“I don’t just ask questions. I read emails, texts, sniff underwear.”

Candiace Dillard and Ashley Darby RHOP

It was the most unfiltered Ashley had ever been on this show. Despite the constant questioning of her marriage, she managed to make her way through every conversation without losing her sense of balance. So, when she admitted to Gizelle and Candiace how wary she was of Michael, they were visibly surprised to learn that Ashley was snooping around Michael on a daily basis.

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Ashley only provided this information when they shared a particularly unsavory allegation about Michael and Ashley seemed to want to hijack the subject. So her admission was quite dramatic and also gave a glimpse of the restraint she can have, even in a crisis.

“It told me who my real friends are.”

Season 4 of RHOP is one of the top-ranked seasons and for good reason. The season has cleared a lot of air on real friendships and relatively superficial dynamics. Ashley revealed in a confessional that the whole ordeal with Michael’s misconduct allegations helped her identify her true friends, and it was one of the first times she had been so direct in her position.

Ashley has often been referred to as a politician on the show because she is careful who she offends, but as the attacks on her became more and more personal, she was able to draw the line.

“I don’t want a hamster with a hamster face trying to play with my baby.”

Ashley Dylan Darby RHOP

Ashley hardly ever hits below the belt. Even during the most explosive arguments, she usually manages to be civil and calm. But this confessional admission was hilarious for her fans as it provided a glimpse into how protective she could be as a mother. Ashley basically revealed how much of a challenge Candiace was during her pregnancy, as she constantly made fun of her personal life and even sent angry tweets when Ashley was in labor.

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She expressed relief that now that her child was by her side, she wouldn’t let naysayers dismantle her peace of mind or take away the happiness of motherhood, and the moment came across as realistic and organic.

“Your turn to play now!” “

ashley and candiace rhop

Despite being overly cautious and bordering on people’s enjoyment, Ashley has never shied away from being accountable. She always admitted her past mistakes and even worked as a peacekeeper on several occasions. Candiace’s behavior towards her crossed a line, however, especially as Candiace and her husband seemed to team up to attack Ashley at a sensitive point in her life.

The Real housewives The franchise is no stranger to moments of hindsight, but every time Candiace made fun of a pregnant Ashley it upset fans. During the Season 4 reunion, Ashley confronted Candiace about her constant bullying and asked her to admit her mistakes since Candiace constantly blamed her doubts on others.

“Are you the spokesperson for the group? What if your mouth speaks for itself? “

Candiace in a green top and shades stanging next to Ashley in a white top on RHOP

Candiace’s shame over Ashley’s drinking was not well received by fans or even some of the other castmates. Gizelle, Monique, Robyn have all, at some point, expressed that they do not support Candiace interfering in Ashley’s personal life or bullying her. In New Orleans, Candiace confronted Ashley about her drinking because she didn’t think anyone should drink when they were trying to conceive and alleged that many of the cast felt the same way.

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Ashley warned Candiace to stop trying to put words in people’s mouths or being the spokesperson for their group, instead of speaking for herself. It was a good look at how Ashley had learned to repel unprovoked attacks by simply staying on her land.

“Don’t let these people see you cry.”

Ashley works hard to keep up appearances. Her icy reactions or poise may simply be coping mechanisms she uses to keep her head above water when facing a crisis. Ashley actually said these words to herself in a bathroom right after having an argument with her partner, Michael, and this line gives some insight into how her mind works.

She doesn’t want to show people her vulnerable side as she learned pretty quickly that she can’t trust everyone in her social circle and understandably doesn’t want them to see her at a disadvantage. This pep talk may make her seem lonely or isolated, but it certainly helped fans connect with her.

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