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The DCEU had its first billion-dollar box office hit with famed hero Aquaman’s debut solo film, and there were many factors behind its popularity, one of which was quotable dialogue.

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The best quotes from Aquaman (2018) come from both villains and heroes, with some lines being funny and others surprisingly empowering for such a large-scale action movie. Either way, each quote is very memorable for its own distinct set of reasons.

ten “Sometimes you have to do the right thing, even if your heart is drawn against it.” (Princess Mera)

Mera looks out of the plane window in Aquaman (2018)

Mera delivers this line as she and Arthur chat on the plane trip to the Desert Kingdoms located in the Sahara Desert. She refers to her decision to save Arthur from his duel with King Orm in the Ring of Fire, thus detonating his cover as one of the people plotting to remove Orm, her fiancé, from the throne of Atlantis. The quote itself explains why she would agree to marry Orm in the first place, claiming that her duty is first and foremost to her family and her nation.

This is important to Arthur, who still resents his mother’s decision to return to Atlantis to achieve his own arranged marriage with Orm’s father in order to protect Arthur and his father from harm. It is at this point that Arthur begins to realize that his mother’s decision was not a decision she took lightly and that he is not the only one to have suffered because of circumstances they could not change.

9 “Something, something trident.” (Arthur Curry / Aquaman)

Aquaman It’s also full of fun lines, with the film making sure to balance its more serious moments with MCU-like jokes. This quote comes from Arthur after he and Mera found out how to play King Atlan’s final message in the Realm of the Deserters.

Atlan’s message contains cryptic instructions that lead to the location of his missing trident, with Mera destroying the message after hearing it so the information cannot fall into the wrong hands. Arthur protests, but too late to save him, telling him that they should have written the instructions. Mera says she memorized it, asking if Arthur did too, prompting Arthur to deliver this hilarious summary of Atlan’s message.

8 “You can take my army, you soft-bellied slug.” But you will never have my allegiance! (The King of Brine)

The king of the brine in Aquaman (2018)

Some of the most interesting characters in Aquaman are the other kings of the fractured Atlantean Empire, with the People’s King of Brine being a particularly memorable addition. He is the Last of the Kings shown in the film, leading one final defense against King Orm and his plan to conquer the Brine and gain the requisite number of kingdoms required under Atlantean law to ascend and attack the surface world.

The Brine King delivers this defiant line directly to Orm after being defeated by him in battle. It perfectly illustrates the pleasure the film extracts from DC’s underwater cultures.

7 “I’m going to make a deal to you. I won’t tell you how to become a captain … and you don’t tell me how to hack.” (Black mantis)

David Kane, who would become the iconic Aquaman Black Manta villain later in the story, makes a fantastic entry into the film as he and his team take control of a Russian submarine.

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He punctuates the line by killing the captain he tells it to, establishing the character’s flair for villainy and creating one of the best villain quotes in the DCEU to date.

6 “It is through blood that the gods make their will known. (King Orm)

Orm is a big bad guy, comic book or not. There is a certain poise to the Atlantean King and his delivery from the most infamous lines. Part of Orm’s confidence comes from his obvious belief in himself, but he also seems to really buy into the traditional Atlantean rhetoric his father taught him.

While igniting the crowd before his duel with Arthur, Orm delivers this beautiful quote in his thunderous voice to the cheers of his audience. It’s a remarkable line Arthur repeats to him during their second fight for the throne at the end of the film, signifying Arthur’s own confidence and his growth in someone ready to take on the responsibilities of being king.

5 “You killed innocent people. You ask for mercy from the sea.” (Arthur Curry / Aquaman)

Aquaman isn’t exactly the typical hero of comic book movies. At least not at the beginning of the story. Jesse and David Kane’s father and son pirate team may not be likable characters, but Arthur’s decision to leave Jesse Kane trapped under a torpedo in a sinking submarine is something that even the hero regrets.

Nevertheless, Arthur is not entirely wrong to go and help the rest of the submarine crew to escape as Jesse Kane got trapped by firing a grenade at Arthur and missing with this line he delivers to David Kane as he begs for help being decidedly badass.

4 “Hate waits and dreams in the depths, and decadence spreads over the shaky cities of men.” (Black mantis)

This line comes as Black Manta makes his real debut in the film, with David Kane now dressed as a villain with a new motivation to kill Arthur, and he says so after making an explosive entry. The words themselves, however, are by author HP Lovecraft, taken from his famous story. Call of Cthulhu.

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While the quote alone is pretty compelling and makes an interesting choice for a villain’s big time, it’s the line before the quote in Lovecraft’s original text that has the most interesting thematic connection to the film. : “What has increased can flow, and what has flowed can rise.”

3 “He always walks to the end of this platform. Every morning. Every day. I’m waiting for you.” (Arthur Curry / Aquaman)

Thomas Curry standing at the end of the dock in Aquaman (2018)

At the heart of AquamanArthur’s Plot is the love story between Arthur’s parents, Queen Atlanna and Thomas Curry. This causes the hero to feel conflicted over his heritage and identity, as his claim to the throne of Atlantis stirs up prejudices in the Underwater Realm. Having assumed for years that Queen Atlanna was dead when she was sacrificed to the creatures in the trench, he is obviously very emotional when he finds out that she survived and was trapped in the Hidden Sea.

Queen Atlanna asks Arthur about his father, clearly worried about whether Thomas is still alive, and Arthur responds with this memorable quote. Thomas Curry’s love for Atlanna is everlasting, he follows Atlanna’s final instructions and waits for her every day at the end of the dock near her lighthouse in the hope that she will be safe enough to return.

2 “Okay, so we’re doing things a bit out of order. S *** is coming.” (Arthur Curry / Aquaman)

Arthur Mera in the ship in Aquaman (2018)

This line comes as the action in the movie really begins to heat up, with Arthur and Mera just escaping the duel at the Ring of Fire. The two must then run out of Atlantis before Orm and the pursuing soldiers can shoot down their ship.

With Mera berating Arthur for engaging in the duel in the first place, upsetting the plan to find Atlan’s Excalibur-like trident before making an offer for the throne, Arthur responds with this typically jaded response. There’s an added level of joking meta-humor, as there’s a generally ‘out of order’ approach to the whole story in Aquaman, with the timeline jumping through different moments in Arthur’s life and even the story of Atlantis in order to tell his epic tale.

1 “Put two ships on the open sea without wind or tide, they will come together. “(Arthur Curry / Aquaman)

Atlanna kisses Thomas at the end of Aquaman (2018)

The best quote in Aquaman comes, as Arthur readily admits when he introduces it, from the author Jules Verne. It’s actually the first line of the movie and Arthur uses it to establish the all-important relationship between his parents.

While Arthur’s storytelling may seem dismal at the start of the film, as the beginning of the romance between his parents has its tragic elements, his voice returns to end the story and confirms the triumphant nature of Thomas and Atlanna’s love. .

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